Climate protection through peatland conservation: Why peatlands are probably the most effective and sustainable solution for carbon offsetting

Peatlands are true wonders of nature. They play a crucial role in climate protection and are more effective than many other methods of carbon offsetting. With our CO₂ certificates, you support the rewetting of peatlands - an effective contribution to climate protection

Effective carbon storage

Peatlands cover only 4 % of Germany's land area, but are the country's largest carbon store. They store more CO₂ than forests and other ecosystems

Climate regulation

Through evaporation, peatlands regulate the local climate and have a cooling effect on the surrounding area


Peatlands are home to many rare and endangered animal and plant species

Support peatland protection and actively contribute to climate protection

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Swamps vs. trees: the decisive difference

While trees are undoubtedly important for our ecosystem, their ability to offset CO₂ is often overestimated and can even be counterproductive in some cases. Wetlands, on the other hand, offer a long-term and sustainable solution:

Long-term storage: Peatlands store CO₂ for thousands of years, while trees are only temporary reservoirs.

Less susceptibility: Bogs are less susceptible to pests, diseases and forest fires than forests.

Sustainable compensation: The rewetting of moors is an effective method to reduce the CO₂ content in the atmosphere, while afforestation often only offers short-term benefits.

Large quantities of greenhouse gases escape from peatlands due to drainage. These emissions are so significant that they could be equivalent to the CO₂ emissions of a large city like Berlin

By purchasing a CO₂ certificate, you support the rewetting of peatlands. This reduces CO₂ emissions and at the same time promotes the return of the original flora and fauna

Current projects

The Ahlenmoor (Lot I)

The Ahlenmoor, located in the heart of the district of Cuxhaven, is one of the most important and still largely intact raised bog complexes in Lower Saxony. Originally, it covered a good 4,000 hectares and is home to a variety of plants and animals, including rare species such as the crane and the raised bog fritillary butterfly. Unfortunately, the moor was drained by peat extraction in the 20th century. However, thanks to renaturation measures such as closing ditches and building peat walls, the Ahlenmoor is gradually being restored to its original state. The purchase of CO₂ certificates supports the rewetting of this valuable moorland area.


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The Ahlenmoor (Lot II)

Lot II builds on the efforts of the first lot and deepens the renaturation measures in a further section of this important raised bog complex. Despite the damage caused by peat extraction in the 20th century, new habitats for native flora and fauna are being created through continued measures. By purchasing CO₂ certificates for this lot, you contribute directly to the conservation and restoration of this unique ecosystem.


40/100 available

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The Ahlenmoor (Lot III)

The Ahlenmoor, Lot 3, represents another step in the mission to revitalize the entire moor. Support through the purchase of CO₂ certificates makes it possible to strengthen biodiversity and ensure that future generations can experience the beauty and importance of the Ahlenmoor.


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Effective compensation measures for companies or private



Companies can offset their carbon footprint by investing in CO₂ certificates. This not only strengthens their sustainable image, but also demonstrates active responsibility for climate protection.


Events and conferences

Organizers can make events, from small workshops to large conferences, climate-neutral by offsetting the event's CO₂ emissions through the purchase of certificates



Travel providers and airlines can offer their customers the option of offsetting the carbon footprint of their trip by purchasing certificates



Manufacturers can offset the carbon footprint of their products, from production to sale, and thus offer climate-neutral products



Individuals can offset their personal carbon footprint, be it through daily lifestyle, travel or consumption, by purchasing certificates



onEco +Analytics (a great alternative to Google Analytics) also relies on the protection of peatlands to offset CO₂ as part of the digital carbon footprint of websites.

If you purchase CO₂ certificates via onEco, you can display this action on your +Disclosure ESG profile page (example). This is a transparent way to show your contribution to climate protection. It's an easy way to show others that you are actively doing something for the environment and the future.

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