onEco® Sustainable Web Audit and Certification Program

Make Your Site Stand Out.

By following sustainable web practices you are not only reducing the carbon footprint of your website, but also make it better and faster. We can help you to achieve that.


  • You have access to our expertise in web performance analytics.
  • You get a comprehensive sustainability check for your website for an affordable one-time fee.
  • You can make sure to have a well performing website.
  • You get a certificate badge for your website, which points to your onEco® +Disclosure profile (included for free).
  • We provide access to our network of senior web experts.
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A better performing website is also a more sustainable website - and that is really important

Global greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂Eq) by country
Global greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂Eq) by country

Global greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂Eq)
Global greenhouse gas emissions (CO₂Eq)

Whichever way you look at it, the Internet has a climate impact through its electricity consumption that is too great to simply ignore.

Saving one megabyte on a website that is loaded 2,000 times already reduces greenhouse gas emissions by around 3 tonnes. The New York Times website could save thousands of tonnes every year with onEco®.

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How it works


Audit & Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis begins with a deep dive into your website's infrastructure, technology and content, using our cutting-edge insights and performance analytics tools also used by onEco® +Analytics. We assess energy consumption, efficiency, and digital waste factors. This process identifies key areas for carbon footprint reduction and environmental impact, providing a foundation for sustainable web practices.


Impact Report

Our detailed impact report highlights the specific contributors to your website's performance, energy consumption and carbon emissions. We then advise a customized strategy to comply with sustainable web practices and to reduce the environmental impact of your website, if possible. If necessary, we also provide access to senior web experts which can help you implement changes.


Certification & Recognition

Finally we award a sustainability certification, showcasing the website's commitment to reducing its digital environmental impact. This certification is more than just a badge; it's a testament to your dedication to environmental stewardship and includes a free onEco® +Disclosure profile page with details of your achievement. It enhances your brand's credibility, showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

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