Solutions for a better tomorrow, today.


Our aim is to put everyone on the path to sustainability by using 🥕 instead of sticks.

Beneficial today

People know about things like climate change, but they don´t act like that. Because incentives drive behaviour, we need to change incentives instead of trying to change people. We close this say-do gap by making it very easy and immediately beneficial to do the right thing.

For a better tomorrow

Our platform enables organizations of all kinds and sizes to measure, understand, reduce and offset their carbon impact (gEqCO₂) on their path to sustainability.

Most people are not aware of all the things that cause CO₂ emissions. The importance of aviation for global emissions is often overestimated, while that of the construction industry is undervalued. Even the internet has a carbon footprint. And it´s rather big.

If the internet was a country, it would be the world’s 7th biggest polluter.
Data Centers

Data centers and data transmission networks alone required up to 660 TWh of electricity in 2021. There´s already a lot of renewable energy in use, but it´s not enough to reach net-zero in the near future.


Crypto mining accounted for up to 140 TWh of energy in 2021, which is roughly half of data center energy use. Most of this is Bitcoin mining, far less is for Ethereum. As Ethereum transitioned to proof-of-stake mechanism in September 2022, energy use for Ethereum is expected to be reduced by 99.95%.

Social Media

Carbon impact of TikTok is at 2.63 gEqCO₂/min of newsfeed use on a mobile device. That´s more than all other social networks. Have a look at our YOLO Calculator

The internet accounts for about 4% of global emissions (CO₂Eq), while the airline industry´s share is about 3%. So the Internet´s share is not only larger, we think it´s also easier and faster to reduce. +Analytics is our first solution to this.


Obviously, too many people don´t know about the energy consumption and carbon impact of many things. Our certification badge changes that and provides transparency. And it has shown that it pays to advertise sustainability (as long as it´s not just greenwashing).

onEco certification badge

Certification badges for websites and newsletters are available with +Analytics.