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The path toward global carbon neutrality may seem like a long journey from where we are right now. +Actions makes the journey that little bit easier to manage. By helping you set targets, reporting your achievements, and suggesting environmentally friendly goals tailored specifically to your business, +Actions helps organizations of all kinds to make an effective contribution to sustainability and carbon neutrality.

The ESG Factor

No matter what country your business is located in, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is an increasingly important factor to employees, governing agencies, investors, and consumers – and your brand profile as a result. +Actions serves as an inspiration and framework to help your company meet ESG requirements and meaningfully reduce or offset CO₂e emissions.

Sustainability Reporting Benefits for All

With ESG reporting mandatory in the EU for companies with over 500 employees, even if your business isn’t that size or in the EU, ESG reporting is a hugely beneficial pursuit for companies to involve themselves in. With climate-friendly certification generating a vast amount of customer goodwill and investor trust for businesses who pursue sustainable goals, it’s not just the planet that benefits from carbon neutrality, but your business’s bottom line too.

+Actions keeps you organized and motivated by splitting actions into 4 categories:

Suggested Actions

You´ll get insightful and achievable suggestions tailored to the specific nature of your company and these can be added to your Planned Actions list and acted upon.

Planned Actions

Keep your customers and everyone involved in the running of your business up-to-date with your carbon-neutral plans. Self-reported, the Planned Actions list helps you stay focused and gives you targets to aim at.

Achieved Actions

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as compiling a list of targets that you’ve hit, and Achieved Actions lets you and your customers count your accomplishments as you achieve them.

Verified Actions

A pro feature that automatically checks your goals have been achieved and provides verification that enhances your company’s brand.

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Action Plan

All measures include information on implementation recommendations, benefits and impacts

Start Making a Real Difference Today

They say the longest journey begins with a single step. When it comes to achieving carbon neutrality, using +Actions is one of the most productive first steps you can take. With our solution guiding your business toward a more environmentally-friendly future, +Actions helps you create a better world for everyone.

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